Simply Natural Microfiber Squeeze Flat Mop for Cleaning System, 1 Bucket, Wet Dry Floor Cleaning Hand Free, Reusable Self Mop Pads, Magic Wizard Stainless Steel Combination Handle Set

WE GIVE MORE THAN COMPETITION FOR LESS! 1.Dual slots and regulatory high quality PP BUCKET 2.Squeeze out perfect one CLEANER DISPENSER 3.Split 3 stainless steel extra length ergonomic telescopic HANDLE 4.360° rotatable flexible MOP HEAD get to reach hard places 5.One $10 worth machine washable MICROFIBER PAD 6.Assembly VISUAL instructions. Look no further!
REGULATE DAMPNESS and HASSLE FREE Dual separate slots one is the clean water washing area set and other is the wastewater slot. Regulator helps you to control the dampness of the mop. Completely turn the regulator for a dry mops(3x) and partially for (2x) and the final option for damp(1x).Cleans up dirt,small hairs,dust and more.Don’t worry about wringing your mop by hand we got you covered.
TURNS A LOT! ALL THE WAY UP TO 360° MOP HEAD to clean the corners and under the furniture, bed, under nightstands, dressers, desks sofa, kitchen cabinet, clean or use dry for dusting floors, ceilings, windows behind the fridge, toilet and other nooks. Pure magic washes on stone, tiles, laminate, hard wood, vinyl, bamboo, cement, baseboards, drywall just about anywhere.