Air Fryer, 4.8QT Airfryers 1400W 7-in-1 Hot Oven Oilless, Digital Touchscreen Air Frier Cookers with Nonstick Basket & Recipe Book

Less Fat & Less Time – Mimic the results of deep-frying, this air fryer will promise you the same delicious taste of fried foods with little or no oil, giving you a healthier lifestyle. With 360° rapid hot air circulation technology and 1400W power, this air fryer cooks faster than a conventional oven and makes the food crispier outside and tender inside.
Family-Sized Capacity – This airfryer has a capacity of 4.8QT which is suitable for families of 3-5 people or singles and require less counter space. It can hold 2lb. French fries, 20 chicken wings, a 2.5lb chicken, or a 5” pizza.
All-in-1 Machine – Air fry, bake, grill, roast, and toast, this handy gadget can make pretty much everything, from appetizers to main dishes, and even desserts! Built-in 7 presets for popular foods—French Fries, Pizza, Shrimp, Desserts, Chicken, Fish, and Steak— to make the cooking process easier. Also comes with a recipe book to give you some inspiration for your meal.